June 20

Psalm 107:23-32

“Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he brought them out from their distress;” vs. 28

The psalmist had no difficulty thinking of times in Israel’s history when the people were facing calamity of one kind or another. In these verses he’s recounting the stories of sailors who braved the unpredictable and dangerous seas and who turned to God when the winds blew and waves engulfed their boats. Of course many boats sank or were dashed on the rocks but sometimes lives were spared and the psalmist gives God the credit. That’s how it always is with us in moments of trial. The winds blow, the waves break, and life can get pretty scary…and we cry out to God in our trouble. And sometimes we are rescued…but not all the time. And that’s just the truth! We might wish it were different and that God would rescue us every time we get in a tough scrape…but that doesn’t happen. Why not? We really can’t know…it’s impossible to know why one person is saved when a ship sinks and all others drown. What we do know is that life is precious and that it’s entirely proper to thank God in those times when it is preserved. In the course of a lifetime there are many opportunities to celebrate close calls and answered cries for help with prayers of praise and thanksgiving. And so we do…even if we don’t know why we’ve been spared!

Thought for the Day: My closest brush with death!

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