October 2

Genesis 2:21-24

“Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.” vs. 24

This little verse, found in three different places in our scriptures, has become foundational in our understanding of the marriage relationship. Obviously marriage practices have changed through the years and there are certainly different cultural standards but strong marriage bonds are the key to a stable and healthy society. In this ancient creation story the woman was formed from the rib of the man…they were one flesh. Marriage then is the return to the original form…the two become one flesh once more. It’s a beautiful picture and one that seems to fit what happens in many of our marriages. We’ve all seen these couples…however it is that they have come together, they show remarkable unity in their life together. They share values and goals and are mutually supportive. Love has touched their hearts, not the love we see in romantic comedies, but a deep self-giving love that goes beyond desire. Each day is devoted to doing and saying the things that bring joy to the other. There is mutual sacrifice and a common desire to share all the blessings that life can bring. With the unity there is also a respect for differences…each will be encouraged to explore and use their varying gifts. Such marriages don’t just happen…a lot of hard work and forgiveness will be included…but what a blessing these couples are to our communities! They are our pride and our strength.

Thought for the Day: My favorite “one flesh” couple!

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