December 29

Luke 2:41-47

“After three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.” vs. 46

Among his sources Luke found a story about the 12 year old Jesus that has become one of the best known passages in his gospel. It describes the aftermath of a family trip to Jerusalem for the Passover. Mary and Joseph somehow lost track of him on the return journey (something most parents of pre-teens can identify with), and subsequently discovered him in the temple sitting among the teachers. Our attention is often drawn to the comment that the boy Jesus was saying things that amazed his elders, but of more significance is Luke’s observation that Jesus didn’t know everything as a kid. He didn’t have all the answers. Indeed, just like all the rest of us, he had to learn…and he learned by listening and asking questions. That’s important for us to remember as we join in the bible studies and classes in our congregations. For some reason our churches are full of folks who delight in giving answers and showing off their knowledge, something that’s off-putting and intimidating to those who are there to learn. If we’re in a study group and there are things we don’t understand, questions are perfectly acceptable. After all, if that style of learning was good enough for Jesus it should be good enough for us too. Wise teachers know that good questions are always more valuable than easy answers.

Thought for the Day: When has my lack of biblical knowledge been intimidating?

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