January 12

Luke 3:15-17

“As the people were filled with expectation, and all were questioning in their hearts concerning John, whether he might be the Messiah…” vs. 15

The people who encountered John in the wilderness had strong expectations and were wondering who he was. They shared a conviction that one day God would answer their prayers and send the Messiah. Many thought that John just might be the one. But it’s hard to know about messianic leaders…seldom do they meet all the qualifications and external factors can be misleading. Discernment is difficult. We know that from our presidential campaigns. Currently we use a primary system and invite candidates to make their pitch…and then one by one through a series of elections we sort them out. The theory is that the survivor will be the messiah, though there is considerable debate whether that has actually ever happened. At best it’s a flawed system! But leaders are important…and we continue to have expectations for those who would guide our futures. Luke reports that John made it easy for the folks who were considering his candidacy. He stepped aside and deferred to Jesus. And for many of the wondering folks that was enough. They called Jesus the messiah and devoted their lives to him…and millions more have followed in their steps. Jesus has met our expectations and we love life in him. What a blessing it is to cast our vote for him and not have to depend on politicians for fulfillment and meaning!

Thought for the Day: How would Jesus fare in the New Hampshire primary?

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