February 6

Psalm 138:1-4

“On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.” vs. 3

Even though countless books have been written about prayer and its efficacy, we still wonder from time to time if it really makes any difference. Often we pray for God’s intervention and nothing seems to happen…answers are unsatisfying and we question whether God has even heard. Presumably the psalmist had similar experiences but on at least one day he found great satisfaction…even if he didn’t get the answer he wanted. He discovered that God had responded to his call by increasing his strength of soul! Somehow in the process of his meditation and prayer he had felt empowered at the core of his being. That same sort of thing happens regularly in the lives of those who take time with God on a regular basis. As they turn over their cares to the Divine Presence and reflect on those things which come to mind they discover an inner peace and strength that enriches and brings joy. Even if they haven’t gotten their particular desires fulfilled they have received far greater gifts. Their discovery is simply put: it’s the process of praying and not the results that ultimately brings satisfaction to our souls. For those who only pray when they want some goody from God, such a notion is foolishness. But to those who make daily prayer a habit it’s the wisdom of God and ultimate peace.

Thought for the Day: How can we connect with God without praying?

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