March 9

Romans 10:8b-13

“For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved.” vs. 10

Everything that is necessary for universal salvation has already been done…and it’s all a gift from God. God’s love and forgiveness is by grace and it is for everyone…no exceptions. That does not mean however that everyone is currently enjoying the good gifts of God. In fact, too many aren’t! Paul makes note of the problem in his letter to the Romans. What’s missing is faith! Some don’t even know that God loves them…they’ve never been told…they don’t even know about forgiveness. Paul says that enjoying the full benefits of salvation will involve believing with the heart and confessing with the mouth. In other words, saving faith will involve the whole person…simply mouthing the creeds and prayers in worship isn’t enough. But when the words come from our heart it makes all the difference in the world. That heartfelt God connection lifts our spirits and gives us the assurance of love and forgiveness…and we feel the peace that surpasses all human understanding. Lent is a good time to explore those heart connections with God. If we’re living with fear and anxiety it’s a sign something isn’t right and more often than not it’s a cardiac issue. Healing won’t involve major surgery…but a few more minutes of prayer and meditation may be just what we need to restore our salvation connection.

Thought for the Day: How deep is my faith?

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