May 2

Psalm 30:6-12

“What profit is there in my death, if I go down to the Pit? Will the dust praise you? Will it tell of your faithfulness?” vs. 9

It seems that the psalmist was dealing with some sort of calamity in his life, a situation that could lead to death. Perhaps it was some dread illness, we really don’t know. But like us, he was not above doing a bit of bargaining with God, and in his prayer reminds God that there is nothing to be gained from his death. If he dies, he tells God, God will lose a faithful witness. There’ll be one less person to sing God’s praises. That petition resonates with us, not just as an example of our bargaining, but as a reminder of a universal truth, namely that life is infinitely precious and is worth nurturing and preserving. It’s natural that we would cling to it with as much tenacity as we can muster. Now the psalmist believed that death had the last word…a person died and was buried and that was it. By faith we who are followers of Jesus maintain that something so precious as life simply can’t be snuffed out. We dare to believe that the natural cycle of the universe is death and resurrection…we see it all around…death is always followed by new life. So even as we fiercely hang on to life we know that it’s okay to let go…there’s a new adventure coming! And even our dust will offer God praise!

Thought for the Day: What bargains have I tried to make with God?

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