May 29

Psalm 97

“Clouds and thick darkness are all around him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.” vs. 2

The psalmist didn’t wonder in his heart whether or not there was a god. For him such a notion was beyond question. But he also knew that God was cloaked in mystery and was often obscured by the clouds and darkness of our lives. We know that feeling too. Those of us who believe that God does exist will often struggle to find adequate descriptive words. God has a pervasive presence that is beyond understanding…often the best we can do is say what God is not. One thing beyond question for the psalmist was that righteousness and justice were the foundation of God’s being. We who are created in God’s image would agree. In a world full of ambiguity where the most egregious behaviors have been normalized, we stand firm in our conviction that there are universal values and behavioral standards. As the Light of God’s image shines through us we will stand up for justice even as we walk confidently in the paths of righteousness. Not only will we live by the highest moral standards, we will work diligently of behalf of the oppressed and the victims of injustice wherever we encounter them. And we will not rest until the kingdom of God has been fully established among us. Such is our God’s good and gracious will…of that we can be sure!

Thought for the Day: What  universal values do I live by?


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