June 8

John 14:8-14

“Jesus said to him, ‘Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and you still do not know me? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ”Show us the Father”’?” vs. 9

We don’t know what Philip was thinking when he asked Jesus to show the disciples the Father, but evidently it had not dawned on him that in Jesus they had been seeing the Father. Perhaps he had thought that seeing the Father would be more spectacular. After all the Father was the creator of the universe and had brought all things into being. Jesus was pretty much like the rest of them…he went to weddings, loved good wine, had a neat mother…he did all the guy things. Oh there was something different about him…but he certainly didn’t seem godlike. We have the same issue with divinity as did Philip. Even though we know that God’s self has been poured into all things, including us, we have a hard time acknowledging that this is really God. In our heart of hearts we cling to a conception of a totally transcendent God, one who lives beyond the bounds of the universe in a place called heaven. We long to be with God…and totally miss the God who lives within, the immanent God, who is the breath of life itself. “Open up your eyes,” Jesus says, “take a good look at one another…take a look in the mirror even…and you will see God.” It’s hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true!

Thought for the Day: If I see God in the mirror, who am I?

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