June 15

John 16:12-14

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” vs. 12

Some people believe that the canon of scripture is closed, that the books currently in the Testaments contain the totality of God’s Word for us. None can be taken out and none can be added. Others are not so sure. They hold that the notion of a closed canon is a human invention and was developed by religious leaders as a means of control. In their estimation any effort to stifle or limit God’s speech is pure foolishness. If they’re right God continued to speak long after the canon of scripture was established and is speaking to us in many and diverse ways even today. These words from Jesus in John’s gospel offer support to that conviction. He’s telling his disciples that the Spirit of Truth will come to them, and that through the Spirit they will hear his continued voice. New circumstances will bring new insights and wisdom from Jesus. Sometimes the words will come through books or sermons, and occasionally from deep within our own minds, that place where God chooses to dwell in every created being. It may even be that this inner voice is the most authentic word from God we will ever hear. We’ll know it’s coming from the Spirit of Truth when it resonates with Jesus’ commandment to love. Whatever passes that “Truth Test” is a new word from Jesus and deserves our careful attention.

Thought for the Day: What new word have I received from Jesus?

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