July 24

Psalm 138:6-8

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” vs. 8

Many people wonder, and some worry,  about God’s plan and purpose for their lives. The worriers are concerned about the possibility that they’re missing something important, that God wants them to do something bold and heroic while they’ve been doing the routine and boring. They want desperately to know that their lives have value and that their actions are significant. The psalmist doesn’t seem to have had those concerns. Instead he simply trusts that the Lord’s purpose would be fulfilled in him. His confidence is based on his conviction that God abounds with steadfast love that will endure forever. There’s great wisdom in what he says! Each of us have been fashioned by our Creator in magnificent ways…we are the work of God’s hands. In fact the spirit of God is the essence of our own spirits…it is the Christ who dwells in our hearts. As we daily offer our minutes and hours to God we can be confident that we will be used according to God’s purposes. Will we as individuals change the world with some awe-inspiring deed or invention? It’s not likely…but together with others we can fill the world with awesome love and goodness. The light of the Christ within will shine brightly and the gifts of the Spirit will abound. God’s will is being done…and it’s happening every day through us!

Thought for the Day: Why is it hard to be content with who we are?

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