August 17

Luke 12:49-53

“From now on five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three…” vs. 52

We’ve all become aware of the increasing divisiveness in our country as opinions have become polarized and it’s been more difficult to find common ground. In some instances life-long friendships have been threatened, family members have stopped speaking to one another, congregations have splintered…we’re finding it harder and harder to find peace in relationships. As a consequence, many have simply stopped talking about controversial issues in most circumstances. They don’t want to risk losing a friend. That sort of thing works well in political situations, but sometimes it just isn’t reasonable or prophetic to keep our mouths shut. Jesus certainly was not silent when it came to confronting injustice and evil in the course of his ministry…and he knew people would not react well to the things he said and did. Even though he was the Prince of Peace, division was constantly at hand. As his followers we’ve been called to walk in his Way and that means risking division for the sake of truth. Not everything is a matter of opinion…some of the things we’re seeing in our society are just plain wrong and we have a duty to speak, even if our words mean the loss of long-time friends and acquaintances. Someday the peaceable kingdom will become a reality, but it’s not here yet…right now the world needs our prophetic voices. Wisdom is knowing when to speak!

Thought for the Day: What keeps me from speaking my mind?

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