October 10

2 Timothy 2:8-13

“…if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.” vs. 13

People in the early church firmly believed that those who die with Christ will also live with him. That phrase shows up in early hymn fragments and was probably recited at baptismal rituals. But they also believed and taught that if they were faithless, Christ would remain faithful. This simple teaching was at the core of their hope–they knew in their hearts that their salvation did not ultimately depend on the strength of their faith. In fact even if they were faithless, God in Christ would continue to be faithful. This is an amazing truth, one that has been sadly obscured in the Christian community. We all know people who have wandered away from the church for one reason or another–many times we know them well–they could include our children or grandchildren. It’s natural to be saddened when this happens–we’d prefer that they remain. But we don’t need to worry about their relationship to Christ. Even if they no longer pray or worship Christ remains faithful to them and is always present in them. Often we see in them the unmistakable fruits of the Spirit. The inborn image of God may be obscured but it can never be obliterated. What a gift this assurance is for us! We don’t need to worry about the ultimate destiny of those we love. They’re safe in the hands of our faithful God.

Thought for the Day: If God is faithful, why is our faithfulness important?

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