October 29

Psalm 149: 1-5

“Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the faithful.” vs. 1

All of us have experienced new songs or hymns in the course of our worship, and some have found it to be an aggravation. They try to join in the singing but the tune is often unfamiliar and it doesn’t take long for them to start pouting. They want worship to be comfortable and singable hymns are essential for that experience. Wise pastors and music directors are aware of those feelings and will take care as they make song choices. They know familiar hymns can calm our anxious  hearts and troubled minds–they bring blessed assurance when faith is faltering and doubts are creeping in. And when everyone knows the tunes and some can sing parts, congregational singing provides an amazing boost. Some say it’s as important as a good sermon to the worship experience. But some occasions cry out for new songs and tunes and our lives would be barren indeed if we weren’t regularly challenged to learn them–and sometimes they become our new favorites. Occasionally the tunes follow us through the week as well–we hum or sing them in our work and play and the praise of God actually becomes a regular part of daily living. It could even be that those new songs will make it into our Pandora or Spotify playlist! Singing praises to God has been essential for believers since the time of the psalmists–and where the practice continues faith is bound to be vibrant and strong.

Thought for the Day: What hymns will be sung at my funeral?

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