December 26

 Isaiah 63:7-9  

“I will recount the gracious deeds of the Lord, the praiseworthy acts of the Lord, because of all that the Lord has done for us, and the great favor to the house of Israel that he has shown them according to his mercy, according to the abundance of his steadfast love.” vs 7 

Any honest accounting of the history of Israel will have more than its share of sad stories. The kings were faithless and often incompetent and the people frequently wandered away from their spiritual base in search of  more exciting gods. One invasion and conquest followed another and ultimately most of the noble families ended up in exile. The prophet was surely aware of Israel’s idolatry and regular rebellions, but he doesn’t complain. In fact he seems to be one of those “glass half full” types. Instead of whining about Israel’s bad luck, he offers praise and thanks to the Lord for all the favors and love that had been extended through the years. Most of us follow the prophet’s example in our end of year letters to family and friends.. We don’t write about the ugliness and pain. We don’t mention the children who have disappointed us and the marriages that have fallen apart. Instead it seems to be in our nature to focus on those things that have gone well, and give thanks to God for all the blessings. That’s not a bad thing!. There’s quite enough negativity in the world–it’s far more productive to focus on the steadfast love of our loving God!

Thought for the Day: What’s the best thing God did for me in 2019?

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