April 26

Luke 24:24-35

“Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.” vs. 35

Some believers have reported that what they’re missing most in the physical distancing related to the current reaction to the spread of the corona virus is participation in Holy Communion. There are no shortages of worship services on YouTube and being live-streamed, but while it’s nice to check in on all those sermons and the special music, it’s hard to replicate the breaking of the bread. It’s this great mystery that is at the heart of our life together in the church, and it’s been like that from the very beginning. As soon as those early disciples began their weekly meetings, they included the meal of bread and wine, for it was there that they encountered the Risen Jesus. Learned theologians and biblical scholars have tried hard to explain how this happens but in the end our formulas and explanations fail us. All we can say is that in this simple meal of eating and drinking Christ becomes alive for us, and by grace, love fills our hearts. As we taste the bread and smell the wine, our eyes are opened and we recognize Jesus. It may very well be a momentary thing–sometimes he vanishes quickly–but it is enough to bring us back again and again. And it’s what we’re aching to do right now!

Thought for the Day: What aspect of worship am I missing the most?

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