April 29

Psalm 23

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” vs. 5

If nothing else, our experiences over the last couple of months have taught us that we live in a dangerous world and, no matter how good our intentions, we can’t always control outcomes. Life is hard, and problems can come from most any direction at any time–some would even say that we are surrounded by enemies. The psalmist’s world was very similar, but instead of focusing on the dangers and trying to find scapegoats, he turned to the Lord, the great Shepherd of sheep, and offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the bounty of life. People of faith are discovering much the same thing as their lives shrink in the presence of the coronavirus. As we’re drawn back to the essentials of daily living we are discovering that the Lord is taking very good care of us, and that our cups are overflowing. Even with enemies all around there are daily reminders of God’s incredible love and bounty. As skies have cleared we’re seeing a new creation, blue skies and radiant sunshine, with trees budding and flowers blooming all around. Some of us are discovering the joys of long walks and connecting with far-flung families. Even time has relaxed its relentless grip on our schedules and we’re finding opportunities to complete long-delayed projects and start new ones. The Lord is our Shepherd and even now, we will never want for anything!

Thought for the Day: What surprises have I received in these last months?

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