June 23

Jeremiah 28:7-9

“As for the prophet who prophesies peace, when the word of that prophet comes true, then it will be known that the Lord has truly sent the prophet.” vs. 9

Upon hearing the words of Jeremiah, the prophet Hananiah upped the ante by repeating his prediction that peace was just around the corner for Judah, and Jeremiah went away in silence. He didn’t believe the prophecy of peace, but only time would reveal the truth. That’s what makes it so hard to figure out what we should believe about the future. The current COVID predicament is a case in point. Everyone knows that the virus is going to hang around for a time, but what shall we do in the meantime? Our experts are giving contrary directions, and some are doing it with great certainty. But which prophet shall we believe? The one who says it’s safe to resume normal activities with some precautions or the ones who say the worst is yet to come? Under what conditions shall our schools reopen? Right now the politicians hold the purse strings–their decisions will direct us. Shall we believe them? And what about churches? When will they be safe for in-person worship? We’re craving a Jeremiah with some definitive word from the Lord. And the truth is that we’re just not going to know–we have to wait until time reveals what was right. And that’s not easy to do! Especially when decisions have to be made.

Thought for the Day: What has helped with my reopening choices in recent weeks?

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