July 2

Psalm 145:11-14

“The Lord upholds all who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down.” vs. 14

Through the centuries we’ve had varying attitudes about God and some very different definitions of God’s being. Those ideas even change within the course of a lifetime, as most all of us can testify. When we were children we probably tended to attach human attributes to God, making God a kind of a superman in the sky. As we age those images likely became inadequate and we began to use other language to describe God. But for most people one thing remains true no matter what age or stage in life they are at. When times get tough and we’re feeling down, humans almost universally turn to God for help. As it has been said, “There are no atheists in foxholes!” And when that happens, we discover the truth of what the psalmist wrote thousands of years ago, “The Lord upholds all who are falling…” It’s at that point that God ceases to be the object of philosophical speculation and becomes the source of strength for carrying on in the midst of adversity. Arguing about theism or deism or panentheism doesn’t do a thing to lift us from despair. All we crave at that point is spiritual energy, the power and the will to keep on living. And it works! It must, or we would have stopped doing it a long time ago. The Lord hears the cry of our hearts and offers resurrection. Praise God!

Thought for the Day: When has the Lord lifted me?

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