December 20

Luke 1:34-38

“Then Mary said, ‘Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.’ Then angel departed from her.” vs. 38

Mary’s act of trust has been a model for believers since the beginning, and is one of the reasons that millions of followers hold her in such esteem. “Let it be with me according to your word,” she responded and she became the mother of Jesus the Christ, a child whose birth has quite literally been the turning point of history, the beginning of what is called the Common Era. We’ll be celebrating that birth this week. Yet the truth is that Jesus’ birth would have been long forgotten had it not been for the billions of believers in the centuries since who have followed in the footsteps of Mary. In them the birth of the Christ has been replicated again and again in every dark corner of the world. We see it clearly in our time, in this age of COVID, as men and women of every stripe, of every folk and nation, respond to the invitation of the Lord with those same words, “Let it be with me according to your word,” and in such persons the Christ is born again as an expression of God’s love and mercy. And so this Christmas Eve we’ll be celebrating not just the solitary birth of a little Jewish boy baby, but the daily birthing that takes place in our own lives. And this is the true miracle of Christmas!

Thought for the Day: In what way am I a Christ-birther?

One thought on “December 20

  1. I totally believe the Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Over time generations have focused on gifts, trees, decorations etc. and not much on the real meaning. However, for me it is giving what I can to those in need (especially this year) and getting on my knees each day, close my eyes, and dream that I would have loved to have been there for his birth. Truly amazing.


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