February 7

Mark 1:32-39

“In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed.” vs. 35

The Sea of Galilee is a harp-shaped lake about eleven miles long and is surrounded by large hills. Along its banks in the time of Jesus were a number of small towns and villages. Capernaum is at the northern edge, right about where the Jordan River enters the lake. When Jesus got up before dawn he would have climbed one of the nearby hills, and from there as he sat to pray he could watch the sun come up over the eastern hills, the country we call Jordan. As the sky lightened over the lake and the birds began to fly along the shore, he spent time with God, considering the direction of his ministry. These were the moments of refreshment in his life, moments to reflect on the prior day and to be recharged with the presence of God’s Spirit. We need those quiet spaces too, places where we can get away from the crowds and the interruptions of daily living. Sadly, it’s hard for us to get this done. Many don’t even like places of stillness and will do anything to titillate their senses–even when they go for walks earbuds and phones are their companions, and messages from God are likely to go unheard. When Simon and his companions found Jesus he was refocused and ready to move on. He’d seen God in the sunrise and was ready to take the message to the world.

Thought for the Day: Where and when do I find spiritual refreshment?

One thought on “February 7

  1. I pray during my alone walks each day. No noise of any kind, but I talk to God a lot. I know God is not a building (even my church) but a spirit that resides within me. I get renewed every time I walk. This is the time for my Gods prayer for healing my self, but the world. I love looking at nature at these times, birds, trees, the wind, sky, etc. I know this is Gods world and the human race are renters. Sometimes I look down and see trash people leave behind. It is hard for me not the get angry at them. What can I say.


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