March 20

John 12:24-26

Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also. Whoever serves me, the Father will honor.” vs. 26

Jesus says that God will honor all who serve him. It’s a simple statement that has profound implications for the way we live in this world. So many are puzzled by their purpose and have the notion that the way to honor is by self-glorification. As we observe those around us on the journey, we can spot such folks a mile away. Individualists to the core, they’re always striving for a little more notoriety, wealth, or power. They are the centers of their little worlds, and don’t seem to realize that everything they’re chasing is futile and fleeting. What Jesus says offers another option, a life of service devoted to loving and caring in whatever way we can. It’s the Jesus way and is marked by humility, charity, and selflessness, and when we walk on that path we become part of the external Christ presence in the world. As such we become so much more that we could ever imagine being on our own. Our glory will be the glory of Christ, and it will never ever end. We become part of a movement that is changing the world. Think of it! Our work will survive the crash of the stock market and the decline of political parties and will be a blessing to many generations of our descendents! Service is the true glory of humanity!

Thought for the Day: How’s my serving going these days?

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