April 14

Psalm 4:5-8

“There are many who say, ‘O that we might see some good! Let the light of your face shine on us, O Lord!’” vs. 6

Twenty-five hundred years ago there were people wandering around Jerusalem, shaking their heads in disgust at the constant stream of bad news that daily came their way. They longed for good news–and so do we! There are daily reports of political scandals, international tensions, and the continuing effects of the global COVID shutdown. Our congregations have slowly been opening up but nothing seems the same. It’s hard not to get depressed–unless we stop being fixated by the bad and the ugly, and turn our attention to the goodness and light that is always with us. We know that in Jesus the Christ conquered darkness and has continued to be present. Every day the Christ, who is the light of God’s face, shines on us and through us to bring goodness and joy into the most impossible situations. We know that’s true because we see it happening in and around our Christ-filled friends. We see it in their smiles and hugs, the sparkle in their eyes, and we are lifted up–and it becomes more contagious than the virus. Through the Risen Christ darkness has been defeated–and if we have eyes to see, the light will be unmistakable. It’s totally a matter of believing what we say, of making every day Easter!

Thought for the Day: How will I celebrate Easter today?

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