September 14

Psalm 54:1-4

“For the insolent have risen against me, the ruthless seek my life; they do not set God before them. But surely, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life.” vss. 3-4

Many are saying that these are the most divisive times they have experienced, and national polls bear that out. Some have become reluctant to share their ideas and opinions with those they do not know–they don’t want to offend, and it’s hard to know convictions of the heart by looking at the outside. Others believe that before long current divisions will escalate into violence–some groups are preparing for just that scenario by stockpiling arms and ammunition. It seems likely that the psalmist also lived with those kinds of tension–his world too was coming apart at the seams and he feared for his life. But even when things were at their worst he continued to hang on to his faith. He knew in his heart that God was his helper and the Lord would uphold his life. We might scoff at such a notion, but ultimately the psalmist is right. We have no other option! Trust in general has been eroded by the depth of the deceptions we encounter on a daily basis. Our leaders label every unflattering truth as being “fake news” and we’re hard-pressed to believe anything we hear or see. In such a world the Lord is our refuge and strength. Only by putting our trust in the Divine Presence can we find the hope and the peace that we crave.

 Thought for the Day: What hope do I receive by putting my trust in God?

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