September 17

James 4:7-8a

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” vs. 8a

James had figured some things out about God that are worth reviewing in our own search for intimacy with the Divine Presence. So often we imagine that the empty feeling we occasionally feel comes because God has moved away. The truth is that God just doesn’t operate like that–God is always present to us. That’s the nature of God. So when we feel alone, guess who has done the moving? When we turn our backs on love and embrace the ways of the world, of course it seems as if we are alone. But the instant we turn around and open our arms wide God comes rushing in. It’s almost as though God is shadowing us through the ebb and flow of life. At times it seems as though we are alone and having to make our own way through whatever challenges are rearing their heads. But the instant we take a look around we can spot our shadow–unlike Elvis, God never leaves the building! And what is really amazing is that when we turn back to God, God’s presence is overwhelmingly present. We are enveloped by God and we will feel the love that is at the core of creation. God is like a dance partner who passionately draws us close and who leads us through the tricky and intricate moves that life requires. There are no wallflowers in the Peaceable Kingdom!

Thought for the Day: What’s it like to be a wallflower?

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