November 9

Psalm 16:1-6

“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage.” vs. 6

The people of God don’t always live in misery and poverty–sometimes things go pretty well for us. It may even be that we are embarrassed when others ask how we are doing. We have no health issues and our genetic inheritance has ensured that we are free from the aches and pains that afflict so many. We’ve been able to live long and well without putting in any effort at all. Whatever we’ve tried has turned out well, our retirement plans are working out, and we’ve been able to do as much traveling as we want. Everything about life has worked out well! All in all it looks as though we will be able to live long and prosperous lives. When that is our situation it’s not unusual to wonder why. Is our prosperity a mark of divine favor? Some might say that–and then say to others, “If you had lived like me you’d receive God’s blessings too.” Now we certainly can’t count out the importance of faith, but in truth there are a lot of factors that play into our life situations–gender, race, and ethnicity are all important–and some of us are just plain lucky! But however we’ve gotten to where we are, it would be good to respond with humility and generosity, and then, like the psalmist, give thanks and praise to God.

Thought for the Day: Why have I prospered? Or why haven’t I?

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