December 3

Philippians 1:7-11

“It is right for me to think this way about all of you, because you hold me in your heart, for all of you share in God’s grace with me, both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel.” vs. 7

When we read that the Philippians held Paul in their heart some will assume that he is speaking figuratively, that such a connection is not literally possible. The problem with that assumption is that it fails to take into consideration the nature of God. God isn’t a faraway entity lurking somewhere in a nebulous kingdom called heaven, God is in us and we are in God. We really are! And God isn’t a foreign spark in us, God is a part of our DNA, a natural part of who we are, and the God who is in each of us is the same God who is in the other! That’s what Paul is talking about. The Philippians hold him in their heart, and they are in his, and together they share in God’s grace in every circumstance of their lives. Imagine how believing in this way transforms us! The “other” is completely destroyed–people are not the enemy, they are an extension of ourselves. Just as brothers and sisters share DNA so in Christ, all are one. We all share in God’s grace. We are literally brothers and sisters, the much loved children of God; and that means EVERY ONE OF US, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

Thought for the Day: What would happen if all believed this great truth?

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