December 29

Psalm 147:18-20

“He declares his word to Jacob, his statutes and ordinances to Israel. He has not dealt thus with any other nation; they do not know his ordinances. Praise the Lord!” vss. 19-20

Sometimes Americans get irritated by the legal excesses that seem to pop up from time to time. It seems there are rules for everything–most recently there have been mask and vaccination mandates issued by various arms of the government to stem the spread of Covid. Some of us haven’t liked that very much and a few flaunt the law to show their love of liberty. The truth is that one of the things that has made our country great is our appreciation for the “rule of law.” It’s one of the attributes that sets us apart from other nations of the world. The psalmist had that same kind of love for the law in Israel. He recognized rightly that their ordinances and statutes made them different from any other nation and he gave the credit to the Lord. In his estimation the laws were a great gift to their community of faith. Now it is true that the law can become a burden and Christians have long recognized that in Christ we have been set free from the law. But we have never said that a society doesn’t need ordinances to ensure justice and order. One of the best ways we can show our love for others is to carefully abide by the rules and mandates that have been established for the common good. Even if they occasionally irritate us!

Thought for the Day: Why have mask mandates been so controversial?

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