January 1

John 1:10-14

“He was in the world, and the world came into being through him; yet the world did not know him.” vs. 10

According to the church’s calendar we’re about half-way through the twelve day Christmas season, but from a cultural perspective everyone is pretty much done celebrating. Some have already taken down their decorations and the few who have live trees are probably wondering if they can haul them out to the curb for trash pick-up. It’s been a lively holiday and pretty much everyone has gotten involved, and supposedly it’s all been about Jesus. But sometimes we wonder! There are Santas on rooftops and Snoopys in the front yard, every kind of blow-up plastic figure we can imagine–Darth Vaders and reindeer–all lit up and swaying in the breezes. And of course there are the ubiquitous carols–every singer and choir in the land seems to have a version of Jingle Bells. It is nice to have celebrations and happy family times, and we do like to see outdoor lighting displays, but is all this really about the Christ, the Word made flesh, through whom the world came into being? Or did John nail it 2000 years ago, “He was in the world…yet the world did not know him?” Even though what John wrote is likely still true, the good news is that the Christ has survived our Christmas unscathed and will be present in the world through all of 2022. And by next Christmas millions more will have glimpsed Christ’s presence through the grace and truth they see in us.

Thought for the Day: Where did I see Christ this Christmas?

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