January 11

Psalm 36:5-7

“Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” vs. 5

To the casual observer it appears that our world is dominated by people who cultivate intrigue and deceit and who have no regard for truth or kindness. Every day we read and hear stories of their schemes and scams, and it’s easy to think that humanity is evil to the core. The psalmist knew those kinds of folks too and imagined that they lay in their beds at night plotting their wicked ways. And still he earnestly believes that the steadfast love of God permeates the universe. His claim is bold, and sometimes hard to believe, yet it’s the bedrock conviction of every religion worth its salt. Certainly it’s what followers of Jesus believe! Even though we periodically run into people who think God is vindictive and cruel, we are bold to proclaim that the entire universe has been conceived and created in love. We’re not talking about a superficial, Nashville, kind of love here, the conditional lust that drives our shallow desires. This love is a power and a force beyond our imagination; it’s the Love that birthed every star and galaxy, every reptile and mammal, every mountain and sea. And it’s that Love to which we cling every day of our lives. Of course there’s ugliness in our world–but it can never negate the Love of God. Love is the source of our Being!

Thought for the Day: How do I experience the Love of God?

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