January 25

Jeremiah 1: 6-10

“Then I said, ‘Ah, Lord God! Truly I do not know how to speak, for I am only a boy.’” vs. 6

When Moses had been called by the Lord to go speak to the Pharaoh about the plight of the Hebrews, he claimed that he wasn’t eloquent and couldn’t do it. His argument didn’t work–he went anyway! Jeremiah, likely aware of the Moses story,  pleaded his own youth and inexperience, and got an identical response from the Lord. The point seems to be that when the Lord has a mission for us, a way will be provided. There’s not much point in making excuses! And yet we keep on making them. It’s a regular thing in our congregations when people are asked to use their gifts for the benefit of the community. Presumably the call comes because these persons are perceived to be a good fit for some particular ministry. Prayers have been offered, names have come to mind, and individuals are asked to serve. And the excuses that are offered in response rival those of Moses and Jeremiah. Sometimes it’s because we don’t have a good sense of our own capabilities–we don’t know what we’re capable of doing. But others know, God knows, and that’s why we’re asked! And when we do agree, it’s astounding what the Holy Spirit can do with us and through us. This is how the Body of Christ operates in this world–each of us have been gifted and will be empowered by the Spirit when we say “yes” to the call!

Thought for the Day: What excuses are my favorites?

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