March 15

Isaiah 55:6-9

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” vs. 9

Even though the prophet regularly refers to God as the Lord, it’s likely from what he says that he would also be comfortable with “Divine Mystery” as a way to think of God. The Israelites had been struggling for hundreds of years to get a handle on God but times kept changing and their ideas about God shifted too. Their great insight had been to understand God as an invisible One whose primary name was Yahweh, more of a verb than a noun. And now the prophet had realized that people just can’t get a verb into a God-box–God’s essence was beyond human understanding. People continue to struggle with their understanding of the Divine–Christians developed the doctrine of the Trinity and used definitions from Greek philosophy, and for some that was enough. But others have continued to wrestle with the Divine like Jacob in the wilderness, and answers about the nature of God are hard to come by. Wherever we find ourselves in this great quest, it’s probably best to acknowledge that God or the Divine Mystery is at the heart of all that is, and that the Divine Presence is made manifest in unconditional love and mercy. That doesn’t answer all the questions, but for most, it is enough!

Thought for the Day: When is God most accessible to me?

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