March 17

Corinthians 10:1-5

“Nevertheless, God was not pleased with most of them, and they were struck down in the wilderness.” vs. 5

Paul was anxious to remind the Corinthians that just because they were baptized and gathered regularly for Holy Communion they didn’t need to worry about leading lives pleasing to God. He points out that their Hebrew ancestors had all passed through the sea and had eaten manna in the wilderness and had still managed to screw up their lives big time. And he’s right! And the same thing is still happening! Baptized Christians, some of whom are active in congregations, behave in the most despicable ways. They live immoral and deceitful lives and then are surprised when things go south for them. It’s like all the Christian stuff is a facade, like a shiny exterior designed to meet some sort of societal expectations. Their hearts are untouched and their behavior embarrassing. Paul says that those who live by grace are held to the highest standards. It’s not that God is watching every step we take and will strike us down for our sins. We don’t live by rules and laws. But because we don’t, more is expected of us. In recent weeks, baptized Christians have engaged in horrendous acts of violence and destruction, and have claimed that they are acting in the name of Christ! No wonder the world is not impressed–these folks make a mockery of the faith!

Thought for the Day: Why doesn’t faith make folks decent?

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