April 20

Psalm 118:24-29

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” vs. 24

Over the last decades praise songs have been slowly making their way into the worship services of most congregations. At first they were resisted by liturgical purists who insisted they lacked the depth of the old chorales. Because of their repeating choruses they were called by some, “the songs without an end.” Often the words for praise tunes come from the psalms–writers will find a verse or two with a stand-alone message, add a catchy melody, and the song is on its way. Within a few years millions are singing it with gusto and may not even realize the words come from scripture. Of course the hymn “This is the Day” has been around for a long time, but in this age of praise music, the tune has been adapted and now everyone is singing along. The psalmist would be thrilled! He wanted his congregation to sing praise for the Lord’s triumph, and would rejoice that his words have found their way into our hearts. Each day is a gift from God, a fresh twenty-four hours to appreciate the wonder of creation and the joy of being alive. And, not only do we have the seasonal displays of nature to rejoice in, we have the sure and certain knowledge that we are loved unconditionally and completely every day. If we truly believe that, what could be more fitting than starting every morning with a chorus of “This is the Day”?

Thought for the Day: Why does singing “This is the Day” lift our spirits?

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