July 30

Luke 12:13-15

“Someone in the crowd said to him, ‘Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me.’” vs. 13

There’s nothing that stirs up a family more than the division of an estate after a death has taken place. Ill feelings abound, attorneys are hired, and final disposition of lawsuits may take years to be settled. Even when a will exists and the intentions of the deceased seem crystal clear, family members end up at odds with one another. Sometimes people have lived for years with the expectation of a big pay-off when one or both of their parents finally die, only to be deeply disappointed. Of course this isn’t just a modern problem–even Jesus was asked to be an arbitrator and settle a family inheritance dispute. Greed has been around forever. We like stuff, and if we don’t have to work for it, all the better. Even when we think we’re above all that monkey business, in the right situation we can easily get our feelings hurt and think that we’ve been cheated. The best solution is to do a ton of estate planning, give most of our stuff to organizations we love, and make sure that our closest heirs are treated fairly in our wills. Even then there’s a good chance that someone is going to be upset–greed can expose our ugly side in a heartbeat. Blessed are those who have the spiritual gift of generosity! They will be the masters of wealth and not its slaves!

Thought for the Day: My family inheritance squabbles.

One thought on “July 30

  1. I see this all the time and it’s so sad. When my Dad and mom passed away, my brothers and sister had no problems what so ever. Our hearts were so broken (and mine still is) that material objects never mattered (and they still don’t). We still make sure the graves have nice flowers almost every week. When I need peace in my heart I visit the site and talk to them knowing they really do hear me. I shed my thoughts, pleasures, pains and live experiences with them. I do believe they hear me. I cry every time I am there because I miss them so bad. However, when I leave I know my heart is lifted and I do feel better. We all loved them so much. Material items never mattered, just them.


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