January 3

Psalm 29

“May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!” vs. 11

Technologically speaking we are the most advanced civilization ever! Many people could never have dreamed of the devices and tools that they have at their daily disposal, and it’s hard for them to even imagine that life could get any better. Yet given the recent history of our country and the deep divisions in the world, even those who live with health and comfort regularly experience anxieties that trouble their souls. We all seem to realize that life should be different and that technology and science fail miserably as a cure for worry and despair. The psalmist, living many centuries ago, points to the one thing that can make a difference. More than anything else, he claims, people need the strength and peace that only the Divine Presence can give. He would laugh at the Amazon trucks racing around our neighborhoods with all the “stuff” we so foolishly think is going to make our lives better. All those shortcuts to joy and happiness just don’t work; every new thing we get only devalues what we already have. That’s why we pray so fervently for the hurting, anxious people around us, all those friends and family members who live with hidden pain. May the Lord give them strength! May the Lord give them peace! Life can be so good when serenity is at our core–and that’s what we want so badly for those we love. And that’s why we continue to pray!

Thought for the Day: For whom do I pray most fervently?

2 thoughts on “January 3

  1. My family and friends and all people who dont believe or put Jesus in their lives. Alot do but some dont.I dont judge or speak up but just love them and pray for them and believe they will see the light someday.I put in Gods hands and if he uses me in someway even without knowing by what I do or say let it be good and for Gods glory. I just lost a dear friend to cancer. Only known her 4 yrs but became like a daughter to me. She thought of me like a mother. She was one of 14 grew up in Tenn. DORIS who was most giving person I’ve ever known. She had Pastor Taylor come and read bible verses assuring her there was a heaven. She died two days later.


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